Watches 2012: The Tank


Cartier Inspired Seiko Tank, $150 on Ebay

I was sitting next to Alan one day recording voice overs for his website and stared at his watch which I always thought was some rare and expensive piece, only to be found or made in a place only he knew of. As I gazed a bit longer and closer I finally caught the brand insignia towards the top.

“Is that a fucking Seiko??” I exclaimed.

Alan smiled wide and nodded as I sat dumbfounded at how beautiful and expensive the watch looked for a budget brand.

“Everyone thinks it’s a Cartier,” Alan explained, “and I get a real kick out of people’s reaction when I tell them it’s a $100 Seiko.”

After this little episode I became pretty obsessed with finding the same model but to very little avail. I searched every where. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy. Nothing. The search continued on for some months until finally I came across one on Ebay. I placed my max bid, crossed my fingers, and eventually won the damn thing (after all my research I found the model number which is SXB850). There’s also one in all black available on Amazon.

Seiko have been modeling these Cartier like watches for quite some time now. One of the closest to an actual Cartier tank is one I found on, you guessed it, EBay for $25. This one is almost exactly like the classic tank right down to the faux cabochon gemstone in the winder. These are a bit easier to find than the model above and when placed next to an actual Cartier, very hard to tell the difference.


The tank watch is one that can go from a suit to casual because of it’s classic style. I find that these Seiko models are some of the best for those on a budget.

And at these prices do what I did. Buy two.

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