Watches 2012: The “Drive” Watch (Sort Of)


Skagen Watch, $70 on Amazon

One of the best wardrobes in modern movies (besides INCEPTION) had to be the one put together for DRIVE starring Ryan Gosling. I would never be caught dead in that jacket but the look he helped create with the aid of a stylist has to be one of the most coveted in recent years. It’s been so talked about and obsessed over that many bloggers have tried to recreate his look (and very unsuccessfully might I add) right down to that beautiful Patek Philippe watch. It was a model that was specially made for the movie and can’t be found anywhere.

A lot of research was done by many to find an inexpensive alternative and the closest one was by SKAGEN. It’s got the sub dial, simple face, and brown band. It’s very light and thin and from a distance looks a lot like the DRIVE piece. Unfortunately it’s quartz and doesn’t have a stopwatch function on it. But if you’re not planning on being a get away drive with a penchant for smashing gangster’s heads in with your $1oo Stacy Adams boots, I don’t think you’ll miss that function.

*Bonus* – If you really want to imitate his look, go for these brown driving gloves on Amazon for $26.

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